About Wellhaus

Why Wellhaus?


Wellhaus is about bringing what we know as therapists and practitioners to business. Diagnose the problem, set up a treatment plan, and then when all is well again, begin a maintenance program to prevent future ailments.


There is no such thing as a saturated market, you just need to stand out and make a good impact. All we require from you is that you are good at what you do and we’ll help you with the rest.


Our approach is all about balance – we don’t swoop in and try to change your personality. We recognise that your clients respond to you because of who you are, so we just help you find new approaches to engage with them in a more dynamic way.


What’s in a name?


Wellhaus embodies the firm structure that provides us with security and shelter so that we can be creative and positive. It’s the state of mind you have¬†when you’re curled up in an armchair at the end of a very satisfying day.